Osallistun vuoden 2019 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge -lukuhaasteeseen. Haastekohtien lista löytyy kuvan alta, ja päivittelen edistymistäni tälle sivulle.

Luetut kirjat: 38 / 50:

1. A book becoming a movie in 2019 - Sofi Oksanen: Baby Jane
2. A book that makes you nostalgic - Louisa M. Alcott: Tytöistä parhain
3. A book written by a musician (fiction or nonfiction)
4. A book you think should be turned into a movie - V. E. Schwab: Magian syvempi sävy
5. A book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads - F. Scott Fitzgerald: Kultahattu
6. A book with a plant in the title or on the cover - J. S. Meresmaa: Lintuhäkin muotoinen soittorasia
7. A reread of a favorite book - L. M. Montgomery: Runotyttö maineen polulla
8. A book about a hobby - Tillie Walden: Spinning
9. A book you meant to read in 2018 - Erika Vik: Seleesian näkijä
10. A book with POP, SUGAR, or CHALLENGE in the title
11. A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover - Pajtim Statovci: Tiranan sydän
12. A book inspired by myth/legend/folklore - Mari Ahokoivu: Oksi
13. A book published posthumously
14. A book you see someone reading on TV or in a movie
15. A retelling of a classic - Sami Makkonen: Kalevala
16. A book with a question in the title - Dorothy L. Sayers: Kuka ja mistä?
17. A book set on college or university campus - Veera Vaahtera: Sattumalta sinun
18. A book about someone with a superpower - Robin Hobb: Salamurhaajan oppipoika
19. A book told from multiple POVs - Han Kang: Vegetaristi
20. A book set in space - Andy Weir: Artemis
21. A book by two female authors - Satu Koskimies, Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen: Emilia Kent - Runotytön tarina jatkuu
22. A book with SALTY, SWEET, BITTER, or SPICY in the title - Ian McEwan: Makeannälkä
23. A book set in Scandinavia - Riikka Pulkkinen: Lasten planeetta
24. A book that takes place in a single day - Ulla Donner: Sontaa
25. A debut novel - Kim Thúy: Ru
26. A book that's published in 2019 - Marisha Rasi-Koskinen: Auringon pimeä puoli
27. A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature - Edmond Baudoin: Piero
28. A book recommended by a celebrity you admire - Ann Patchett: Commonwealth
29. A book with LOVE in the title - Elizabeth Bard: Lunch in Paris - A Love Story, with Recipes
30. A book featuring an amateur detective - Alan Bradley: On hieno paikka haudan povi
31. A book about a family - Shirley Jackson: Linna on aina ollut kotimme
32. A book author from Asia, Africa, or South America - Ananda Devi: Näistä raunioista
33. A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in title - Hergè: Kultasaksinen krapu
34. A book that includes a wedding - Alan Bradley: Kuolon kultaiset kiehkurat
35. A book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter - Ayòbámi Adébáyò: Älä mene pois
36. A ghost story - Comés: Lumikko
37. A book with a two-word title - Sini Helminen: Veden vallassa
38. A novel based on a true story - Delphine de Vigan: Nothing Holds Back the Night
39. A book revolving around a puzzle or game - Warrent the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye - Tania del Rio, Will Staehle
40. Your favorite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Reading challenge - Riad Sattouf: Tulevaisuuden arabi 4


41. A "cli-fi" (climate fiction) book
42. A "choose-your-own-adventure" book
43. An "own voices" book
44. Read a book during the season it is set in
45. A LitRPG book
46. A book with no chapters / unusual chapter headings / unconventionally numbered chapters - Annie Ernaux: Puhdas intohimo
47. Two books that share the same title
48. Two books that share the same title
49. A book that has inspired a common phrase or idiom
50. A book set in an abbey, cloister, monastery, vicarage, or convent - Joel Haahtela: Adèlen kysymys